The Challenges in Communicating Corporate Identity through Website Design

In a way, website design is like fashion; trends come and go as experts recognize new and effective ways of communicating with customers. In website design, the very look of your website communicates a message to your customers. What fonts and colors you use tells people who you are.

Fonts and colors may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but actual research data shows that it’s not. Your choice of colors and fonts must satisfy three basic requirements:

  1. They should support the image you are trying to project to your current and potential customers. Are you a serious company, a friendly one, or a playful business?
  2. They should also be unique, just as your brand is unique. The point of branding is to separate you from the rest of your competitors in the mind of the consumer public. Your website should also be part of this effort as well.
  3. They should actually be attractive and functional at the same time. Your website has to look good and function well just like the products you sell. Ugly or unreadable fonts and colors have no place in proper website design.

Not every business has the personnel who have the skills and experience you need to meet these challenges. And that’s why The Joy Interactive have sprung up to help businesses all over the Asia Pacific region. It’s comprised of experts in both branding (logo creation) and website design and they can help make sure that your website stays true to your corporate identity.