Corporate Identity and the Public Expectations

Just like a person’s identity, your corporate identity is often defined by what you do. The kind of products you sell and the type of services you offer all help define your corporate identity. And just like a person’s identity, other factors are also important as well. In your case, that means your company name, logo, and tagline is crucial in defining your identity. The kind of advertisements you launch will also be a factor.

In most cases, your most effective strategy is to figure out the mental image held by your potential customers as to what your corporate identity should be. Then you can move to match those expectations. For example, if you offer services such as financial or legal advice, then by necessity you need to project an image that’s trustworthy and serious. You can’t be playful and whimsical, which is more apt for a toy company.

Your company name, logo, and tagline, must then conform to this identity as well. All these elements define you in the same way your name, looks and dress define your person.

Coming up with your precise corporate identity can be a complicated process especially when it involves your business name, your logo, your tagline, and your advertisements. How do you know when you have all of these elements right?

It’s for that reason that companies like The Joy Interactive exist. Its mission is to make sure that its clients all over the Asia Pacific region develop a corporate identity that matches the expectations of the people they plan to have as customers.