How Modern Trending Logo designs can have an Impact on Your Logo Design Ideas?

If you are trying to think up different ideas for a logo design, you may find yourself drawing a blank. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thinking up a unique logo design that will catch the eye of the public is a lot harder than it seems. It’s especially hard in today’s society, due to how fast, and ever changing each generation has become. Naturally, every Singapore branding agency aims to create a logo that will stand out enough to catch someone’s eye, and immediately attract them to it. However, you don’t want to have a design that is too flamboyant and out there. Most of the time an excessively flamboyant logo design is a clear representation of that generation’s particular style. It may be a great thing for the first five years or so, but will this generationally based design still draw people in after the times have changed? Probably not. A good Singapore branding agency will try to think up designs that stand out, but are also timeless. A business logo that will still grab people’s attention 20 to 30 years down the road.

As I have mentioned, a good logo design should be timeless, and not necessarily all about what is, “in”, this year, due to the ever changing times, very good example like Google, Coca Cola, IBM etc. So you may think that one of the worst things you can do is try to get ideas from what is trending this year with logo design. On the contrary, that may be one of the best ways to pump some creative, yet effective ideas through your mind. Whether you are part of a branding agency, or someone trying to create a logo design on your own, you are sure to get some creative juices flowing when you look at what is trending as some frame of reference. No matter where you go in the world, people generally look for the same attributes when it comes to logo creation. They will want it to stand out, and be eye catching for years to come. So you can be sure that most of the logo designs that are “trending”, share those attributes. It may even give you some great ideas to keep your logo designs timeless and likable for as long as possible. To give you an example, and help to jumpstart your creative juices, here are 2 of the simplest, most effective, and timeless trending logo design ideas.

  • Unique Font Design – One thing that is starting to be recognized in the recent years logo design industry, is the impact simple typography logo designs can have on a person. For example, a simple brand name, designed with a unique style of font or script can actually have quite the impact on the public eye. A logo that clearly depicts the brand name in a unique an attractive script is timeless, and effective. The actual and complete brand name will stick in a person’s memory, rather than someone having a picture stuck in their head that they are having a hard time putting a brand name to. This trending idea will work for a logo design, as well as a logo design created anywhere else in the world.
  • Simple Negative Space/Black & White Design – Some of the simplest things can sometimes be the most eye catching. Another design idea that you may see come from a branding agency is the elegance of a simple black and white logo design. A design that is simply colored and does not have too much going on is often perceived as sophisticated, clean, respectable, and elegant. This design has the potential to be a logo design that will capture the attention of people around the world.