Singapore government grants for website design and development

The government has recently issued a few grants for the web design and development fields of work, all of them addressing different areas of expertise included within the aforementioned domains. Here you are going to present the most important grants issued this year for the web development and design companies.

IDA’s iSprint Grant

This grant also named Increase SME Productivity with Infocomm Adoption and Transformation is one that touches on the multiple types of infocomm adoption types that specifically targets the SME productivity. Through this grant, the IDA wants to provide an easy to use way for companies to find and get the assistance that they need from web designers and developers. They also want to make the infocomm adoption process a lot easier, and through it, they manage to do just that. If you want to download the proposal template for the iSprint grant, you just need to visit right away!

IRAS’s PIC grant

The PIC grant has been specifically designed to create some great bonuses for the business, as they can receive things such as a 60% cash payout, as well as a large tax deduction only by bringing productivity and innovation improvements within a powerful package. The PIC scheme, also known as the Productivity and Innovation Credit will provide numerous other tax benefits and all of them are included in the Years of Assessment. These can also be seen for six different qualifying activities as well. You can contact IRAS for more information if you want to see that your website design and development can claim this particular grant, but if you just want to download the documents, then you just need to go to and get them right away.

SPRING Singapore IVC grant

The Innovation and Capability Voucher, also known as the ICV is a very good one for the web development and design companies, and it encourages the SMEs to get the best results by providing them with the first steps towards creating a capable company. The voucher is valued at around $5000 and through it the SMEs have the opportunity to upgrade their business operations and strengthen them in order to come up with a much better product and result. The grant can be implemented in things such as financial management or to improve the human resources as well as motivate and increase productivity in the long run. It’s thought as being an ideal way to get a sole proprietor company which isn’t PIC eligible to get the necessary funding. You need to receive the application approval before you proceed with the project, and you can apply online at

These are the newest grants issued by the government, and if you want to apply to them today, you just need to follow the links and contact the issuer as well.