Defining your Corporate Identity: Who Are You?

How old is this person? What does this person do in their free time? Who are their friends? What do they look like, how is this person dressed? What are this person’s values and beliefs?

Corporate identity works in much the same way. Corporate Identity is not just talking simply about logo creation or design. And perhaps one easy way of defining your corporate identity is to first stop thinking of your business as an inanimate entity. Think of it as a person. It’s not that far off, because people are running the business, and people are making the products and doing the services.

Customers think about their favorite brands as their friends and family, and that’s what you want them to think of your company too. Your company’s values, purpose, and looks are crucial to your success, and so you better start defining your identity—before your competitors do it for you.

What you want your identity to be, and what your potential customers regard as your corporate identity, are often two different things. And that’s why you need the help of experts such as The Joy Interactive. Based in Singapore and China, its own corporate identity is simple—they are the professionals who can make sure that the corporate identity you have is the identity which can earn you the most revenue.